Why Choose Composite Fillings?

April 21, 2017 by Dr. John
Why Choose Composite Fillings?

There was a time in history your dental concerns would have focused more on keeping your teeth than keeping your natural smile beautiful. Tooth loss was once considered a given and today is more of a distressing surprise.  Also in todays time, the thought of having a cavity filled with silver-colored amalgam has become a thing of the past. Most patients now choose a more natural looking, tooth-colored filling.

Amalgam was used for dental fillings for over 150 years. This material actually consists of a combination of alloy metals: silver, mercury, tin and copper. They are now being replaced with composite (tooth-colored) fillings that are composed of a plastic and glass mixture that is far more superior and pleasing to the eye. The aesthetic value of composite fillings is more appealing to most people, but there are many dental health benefits composite fillings provide.

Retention – Besides looking just like natural teeth, composite fillings add retention by being chemically bonded to the tooth. This chemical bonding process eliminates the need for excessive reduction of the natural tooth structure. This also heightens the durability of the restoration.

Longevity – Composite fillings have a longer lifespan than traditional amalgam restorations. The metallic nature of amalgam fillings can crack over time and shrink around the edges. Since composite resins are bonded to the tooth, they can last for many years.

Dental fillings are some of the most common restorations. Know your options so that you choose the method of treatment that will provide your desired results. Trinity Premier Dental offers the latest in technology and dental materials to give our patients the best treatment in dentistry today. Give us a call at (727) 835-7076. We look forward to getting your dental health on track with a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

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